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A `Studio [1] (also A-Studio [2]) - Kazakhstan-Russian pop music group. The group has created a very well-known Kazakh composer, conductor Taskyn Okapi. The group has repeatedly menyalsya.Do collapse of the Soviet Union, the group accompanied the Kazakh pop diva - Rose Rymbaeva. At present the band is a quartet: Baigali Serkebaev, Vladimir Mikloshich Fedor Dosumov and Katie Topuria (soloist). Story Since the establishment of the group she was called "Alma-Ata Studio", but after joining the team in the "Theatre Songs" AB Pugacheva, declined to name all the familiar "A-Studio" in the future - A'Studio. Prior to 2000, lead singer and face of the group was Batyrkhan Shukenov. After him in the group soloed only girls - first, Pauline Griffiths, now Katie Topuria. Throughout its existence, the group cooperates with Kazakhstan composer Erkesh Shakeevym, including A-Studio hits his song "Unloved", an album in 2007, "905" - "run to you" and "soul." August 2, 2006 the composer, guitarist and lead singer of Baglan Sadvakasov, who had been in the group for 17 years, died tragically in a car accident in Moscow. [3] November 18, 2007, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary A'Studio at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow hosted an anniversary recital group [

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