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It all started in 1991 in Moscow, at one of theatre-studios for children where musical plays were performed. The most talented children were allowed to have their solo-arias. After a while three of those girls were noticed: Anastasia Makarevich, Elena Perova and Izolda Ishhanishvili. Лицей (Lyceum) first appeared in the tv-show "Morning Star" ("Утренняя звезда") at the russian 1tv channel, singing one of ABBA songs. Few month later the band started becoming more and more popular and in a year they've introduced their first album "The Home Arrest" ("Домашний Арест"), written by one of the girls' father (Andrey Makarevich) and Karen Kavaleryan. The trio brought back to life little bit forgotten guitar rock-n-roll, blue jeans and white shirts, smash-hit melodies and well-done female vocal singing. In 1994 young "Lyceum-girls" graduated from the High School and started their tour around Russia with their second album "Night Friend" ("Подруга Ночь") as it's logical consequence.

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