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Melissa Ferrick

American singer-songwriter Melissa Ferrick (born September 21, 1970) emerged in 1991 as part of a group of new female alternative singer/songwriters, much in the vein of Liz Phair. Ferrick began singing in coffeehouses after dropping out of college, eventually winding up in Boston. Her major breakthrough arrived one night when she replaced Morrissey's opening act less than an hour before showtime. Ferrick's performance impressed Morrissey and he invited her to open for him during the rest of the tour. The tour earned her a small cult following as well as a contract with Atlantic Records. She released her first studio album, Massive Blur, in 1993. In 2000, Ferrick founded her own record label, Right On Records. The first studio album released on her own label was Valentine Heartache. Her 2011 album was entitled "Still Right Here". Website: www.melissaferrick.com

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