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Dafina Zeqiri

Dafina Zeqiri (born 14 April 1989) often referred to as Duffye is an Albanian Kosovar singer. She achieved high popularity within the young Albanian-speaking community as a result of constant marketing and appearance on TV. This earned her top artist titles at Kosovo's talent contest Polifest for three straight years: 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2012 she received 10 Videofest Awards nominations, and won 4. Dafina Zeqiri was born on 14 April 1989 to parents Nebih Bajraktari and Melihate Zeqiri. She grew up in the city of Malmö, Sweden with her mother. Once she returned to her homeland, she quickly became a favorable artist to the Kosovar nation. She started writing music when she was just 10 years old. During her childhood years, she also played basketball & football, citing Zlatan Ibrahimović as her favorite sportiest. In 2007, Dafina performed in Polifest Festival and is nominated for her song, "Rrallë e Përmallë," and eventually won the competition. In 2008, Dafina she received a BOOM Award Nomination for her song "Adios," and was awarded with the audience award. In the same year, she launched her first album titled "Knock Down". Shortly afterwards, in her continued participation in "Kënga Magjike," she received the "First Magic" award with her song, "Bateritë". In 2009, her fame grew after a dancing competition in "Op Labi Party (New Year 2009)" where Dafina won against the most popular singers in Kosovo due to her mesmerizing voice and dancing skills. The success continued with two collaborations with known singers Blero & F-Kay with the song "La Vida Loca" and Capital T & 2po2, "Shumë Naltë". Both songs turned into hits of the summer. In May 2009, she won "Best RNB" in Top Fest 6 with the song "Dua që ta di," a song which was a great success.[2] Then Duffy'e also made the a mix of the song with the acclaimed DJ-Zap. In August, she was declared as "Female Superstar 2009" in Teksteshqip.com. In September, she attended the Awards with the song "Amazing Girl" and won the audience award for the third time. During 2009, two of her clips were very successful: "Shumë Larg" (directed by Stamps Pictures) and "Amazing Girl" (Directed by Entermedia) In February 2010, Dafina has demonstrated that she has wonderful vocal singing skills when she sang live in RTK "Oxygen." After this show, Dafina traveled to Australia to shoot the clip of the song in English, "Rock This Club." The video clip of the song "Amazing Girl" by Dafina was the main winner of this year's edition of Music Videofest, sweeping away the award for best videospot, 'Best of All'. She was nominated in eight categories and won four of them. Dafina collaborated with producer of Cameron Diaz, and the choreographer of Britney Spears in the video clip of her song "Rock this club." She then launched the clip of the song "Rock This Club", a song in English because she believes that "every singer has a dream that their songs are broadcast in foreign stations." Dafina adds among other things that art does not see competition, and that she respects her colleagues. "No, because I mostly keep my colleagues. For me, all have their place, everyone have their own style. I am proud of the successes of my colleagues, I am happy for them because we are Albanians and we must support each other." Dafina took part in a concert conducted in Kosovo with the famous rap singer, Snoop-Dogg, and was very well received by the public. In October 2010, she had collaborated with Tuna Sejdiu and 2po2 in a song, "Vibe", which became an instant hit. In December 2010 Ledri Vula (of the Albanian group known as Skillz) and Dafina collaborate in making the song called "Po'm pelqen," which proved to be yet another hit. After the release of "Dangerously in Love", Dafina released "My Swag", a song sung in English. Her newest album is to be released soon and is titled "Just Me" while her next hit "Supernova" came out around the same time. In December 2011, Dafina Zeqiri released her newest album and a clip around the same time and it was a big success. In her album, the song D&G was included, a song she has made with the famous Albanian rapper Getoar Selimi, better known as "Geti". She has already launched her clip "Tonight," which is also included in the new album "Just Me". She launched 2 new music videos "Veç Ti" (later translated in English as "Your Love") and "Bloodah" which were very successful. She also feauterd in new song with Dj Blunt and Real 1 named "Mos u Nal". She is also known as "The Kosovar Diva",(similar to Elvana Gjata in Albania.) Zeqiri's father was distant to her and to her mother, and she quoted that they haven't had contacts for more than 23 years. During a TV show in Klan Kosova, Dafina's father made a public speech asking her to forgive him, but Dafina never made any replies. She dated Ledri Vula, a Kosovar rapper from Prishtina. There were a lot of rumors regarding their relationship, but they finally confirmed it during an acceptance speech in Videofest where the couple kissed. They later broke up.

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