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Pollyanna is the name of two musical artists : *Existing in the mid to late 90s, but still popular today, Pollyanna were an Australian indie/alternative rock band. The band consisted of, at various times, Matt Handley, Maryke Stapleton, Ace Moley, Andy Strachan, Shaun Lohoar, Glenn Maynard and Serge Luca. see here: http://www.amo.org.au/artist.asp?id=1551 They were originally a Sydney band but then later relocated to Melbourne (in 1997). They were signed to the Mushroom Records indie label Bark Records. Some of their widely known singles include Lemonsuck, Effervesscene, Keep Me Guessing and Brittle Then Broken. Releases: Longplayer (March 1996), Junior Rock (January 1997), Hello Halo (Oct 1997), Delta City Skies (May 1999), Didn't Feel A Thing (August 2001). Also, various singles and EPs - Fordgreensilverrocket (1994), Junior (1995), Lemonsuck (1995), Piston (1996), Keep Me Guessing (1996), Potomac (1996), Effervescence (1997), Peachy Keen (1997), Brittle Then Broken (1998), Hermit Inertia (1999), Feeding Circle (1999), Rebound Girl (2001). In 2001 they played a lot of gigs with Bluebottle Kiss. Singer/guitarist, Matt Handley released a solo album, "Won't Get Over You", in 2005. *Pollyanna is currently the name of a French duo. The first thing one notices about Pollyanna’s music is a voice. That of a French female songwriter, Isabelle, who delivers melodic tunes through her delicate folk guitar. Her songs are personal, melancholic and dreamy. She is no longer alone on stage, since David has joined her to play drums, guitars and odd south American instruments they borrowed from Isabelle’s father. Together they are reminiscent of the grande dames of Folk, Suzanne Vega or Shannon Wright for the voice and the songwriting. They have released one EP and 2 albums.

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