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There are at least six acts by the name of Omar: a UK soul singerthe piano player Omar Akraman Italian singeran electronica duo from Uruguaya British punk/hardcore bandand a Philadelphia punk band 1) Omar Omar is a UK soul artist of Chinese, African and Indo-Jamaican descent. Born Omar Lye-Fook (1969) in Canterbury England, Omar has been making albums since the early 1990s and his work is often compared to Stevie Wonder’s work of the 1970s. After the lukewarm US sales for the LP “For Pleasure,” subsequent Omar releases were only available as pricey imports. Now Omar releases his own recordings, tours the UK often, occasionally making brief tours in the US. He is often highly regarded by his US contemporaries such as Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Common, and Stevie Wonder. There’s Nothing Like This (1990) Music (1992) For Pleasure (1994) This is Not a Love Song (1997) Best By Far (2000) Sing, (If You Want It) (2006) http://www.omarmusic.net 2) A PUNK BAND FROM PA. CHICK GUITARIST & DUDE DRUMMER. AWESOME. 3) Omar Akram Omar Akram is the son of a United Nations diplomat, Omar Akram spent many of his early years traveling the world, soaking up the musical traditions of such exotic locales as Afghanistan, Cuba, France, and the Czech Republic. By the age of 14, he was considered a piano prodigy. In his late teens, he discovered the boundary-pushing sounds of Jean Michel Jarre (France), Kitaro (Japan), and Vangelis (Greece), and began to absorb their independent musical influences. At the same time, Omar Akram remained intrigued by such classical composers as Bach and Mozart, and used much of their thematic coherence, comprehensible structure, and clear rhythmic control to craft his own original compositions. 4) Omar is an Italian singer. 5) Omar is an Uruguayan duo of DJs and producers formed by Ignacio Benedetti & Pablo Bonilla. http://www.omar.com.uy 6) Omar was a British punk band. http://www.myspace.com/omarband 7) Omar is a two-piece punk band rooted in Philadelphia, PA. They released a CD titled "I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Mad That You're Mad" in April 2010. http://omar.bandcamp.com

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