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Ceumar is originally from Minas Gerais and is currently living in São Paulo. She has developed a simple and direct style of singing, as revealed in her debut CD Didinha, produced by Zeca Baleiro. He talks about the work of Ceumar as having one foot in the country and another in the city, naughty but incisive, written and accessible, although she is not subject to the trends of the season. Visceral in her own way. And Ceumar says she came to sign her name on the emerald board of Brazilian popular music. Celso Borges, journalist and poet, has written that Ceumar is a singer from several places at once. It's like her singing translates from a very old world, that is within us all. What she sings, kicks off the bottom of our soul music ideal that animates every ear and heart dares and idealizes.

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