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Derek Martin

The Golden Voice DEREK MARTIN was born in 1938 in Detroit, Michigan. From his earlier days on, he embraces the musical world and starts to sing in shows. Like many artists in the United States, he starts his career with gospel music, a genre that brought us the biggest stars in black music. Noticed at a very young age by DUKE ELLINGTON, he gets hired at age 17 as a singer in the Duke’s big band. This adds to his success and leads him to start a solo career. DEREK MARTIN soon takes off on a world tour along with DIONNE WARWICK and BABY CORTES in a band he started called the TOP NOTES. He subsequently cuts records under his own name, with production by TEDDY RANDAZZO. His tunes “You better go” and “You blew it baby” bring success. The following years, he releases in the US “Count to Ten”, “Soul Power”, “Daddy Rolling Stone” and a variety of other songs that boost him to the top of the American charts. DEREK MARTIN performs in numerous prestigious venues in New York such as the Apollo Theater or Jilly’s. The musical press is excited and DEREK MARTIN’s name appears regularly in Cash Box and Record World. Critics point out his powerful talent and the accuracy of his voice, a point of view that is also shared by the bosses at the labels which produce him —STAX, ATLANTIC and ROULETTE RECORDS. From this on, DEREK MARTIN works in close collaboration with the biggest stars —RAY CHARLES, OTIS REDDING, JAMES BROWN, THE TEMPTATIONS, MARVIN GAYE… All of them agree on DEREK MARTIN’s nickname, “The Golden Voice”. In 2006, a short movie about DEREK MARTIN’s life is released. This is the only short movie ever produced by Christian Fechner, one of the most famous French filmmaker. After the edition of the best of his Roulettes Records in 2007, DEREK MARTIN is now recording his new album produced by Stuff Music. The New album is to be released early 2010.

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