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There are several artists who have used this name. Below are a few. ---------- 1) Skye Edwards is a British singer, born 1974 in south east London. Until 2003, she was and now again is, the lead singer of the band Morcheeba. Edwards decided to shorten her name to Skye by taking the first letter of each of her names (Shirley Klarisse Yonavive) and putting them together. She has also sung on two charity collaborations, Perfect Day 1997, in aid of BBC Children in Need and Band Aid 20, in 2004, in aid of famine relief in Sudan, Africa. Edwards has two children, a son and a daughter. Upon leaving Morcheeba, Edwards was replaced by Daisy Martey (formerly of noonday underground) as the band's vocalist. (Martey was subsequently criticised by fans for sounding too much like Skye. She did not tour with the band following the release of their first album with her, The Antidote, her place being taken by Jody Sternberg.) Edwards is signed to Atlantic Records UK. Her debut solo album, Mind How You Go was released on February 27th, 2006. New solo album 2009: Skye - Keeping Secrets, Skywards Recordings, www.myspace.com/myskyesite 2010: With "Blood Like Lemonade" Skye is firmly back in place. According to Skye "it all happened quite by chance". After seven years, she bumped into Ross Godfrey at her manager's office. They gave each other a big hug, had a chat, and this led to the brother's asking Skye (through their manager) if she would be interested in singing a few songs on their new record. Skye's immediate thought was "Nope", but she thought about it a bit, they had a meal together, "got pretty drunk" and agreed "lets make another Morcheeba record". ----------- 2) UK electronica producer Steve Pickton, best known as Stasis, first released material as Skye in 1997. This alias has been used for his more hip-hop oriented material. ---------- 3) Actress Heather Marsden has released music as both Skye Marsden and Skye. Her trance / commercial dance single Venice Freak was released in 2005. ---------- 4) Skye a french artist - two albums Skye and the last one Appaloosa (march 2007) http://www.skye-skye.com ----------- 5) Skye, the disco group that had a club hit in 1976 with "Ain't No Need."

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