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There are two groups by the name of Arco: 1) arco began making music in 1998, releasing the "longsighted" and "ending up" eps on dreamy records in the uk. then came the "coming to terms" album in 2000 (also on pehr (us) and pastel in korea), the "transparency" compilation (2002) on pehr, and the "restraint" album (2004). having gigged in the uk, amsterdam and barcelona, 2005 saw them play a short tour of the us west coast. their fourth album, "yield" was finished in jan 2010 and will be available initially on pastel in korea. 2) Formed in 2008 by Neil Luck, ARCO is a group of composers, artists and (mainly) string players from a range of musical and artistic disciplines and backgrounds. The group explores experimental approaches to non-standard notation and live performance practice as a starting point for creating bespoke, collaborative music theatre events characterised by an uncompromisingly avant-garde aesthetic, and radical mix of influences from contemporary classical music, magick rituals, concrete poetry, free improvisation, slapstick comedy, Kabuki theatre and Broadway show tunes

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