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Era (styled as +eRa+) is a New Age music project by French composer Eric Lévi. The band has sold more than 12 million albums. They use lyrics (by Guy Protheroe) which although similar to Greek or Latin are in fact deliberately devoid of any exact meaning. Style edit: Era mixes Gregorian chants and occasionally world music with contemporary electronic arrangements. It is reminiscent of New Age music projects such as Enigma, Gregorian, and Deep Forest. Lyrics are written in Pseudo-Latin and English, and some are based on beliefs of the 13th century French Christian sect, the Cathars. Era's live shows and music videos often feature artists dressed in medieval or traditional clothes and armour. Usually, actors Pierre Bouisierie and Irene Bustamante perform at Era shows. As a rule, I try to avoid copying musical styles which are imposed by epochs and cultures; I am always on the lookout for strong emotions; the sort that accompany an epic film. In fact, I am writing music for a film which has not yet been made! -- Eric Lévi, Era (musical project) on Myspace (unofficial) Language edit: Most Era songs are in Pseudo-Latin and some in Latin. They also have some songs in English such as "Mother" and "Looking For Something". Use of Era music edit: Eric Levi composed the soundtrack for the French comedy film Les Visiteurs (1993) and Les Visiteurs II (1998). The film score would later become part of Era albums., "Mother" was used in Sylvester Stallone's sports drama Driven., Era is famous among mixed martial arts fans due to "Enae Volare Mezzo" being the theme song of Fedor Emelianenko. "Ameno" is used by Fedor's younger brother, Aleksander Emelianenko., The song "Divano" was part of the soundtrack of the Brazilian telenovela "Um Anjo Caiu do Céu" (2001)., The song "I Believe" was recorded as a duet by Katherine Jenkins and Andrea Bocelli. It was released on both Jenkins's 2009 album Believe and Bocelli's 2009 album My Christmas.

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