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Reasonable Doubt

Artist : Jay-Z

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


Release Info

Jay-Z, Reazonable Doubt, back by popular demand, classic debut album from arguably The Greatest MC Of All Time. This title has previously scanned 1.4 million units. Jay-Z's classic debut is a compelling reflection on his life as a hustler. It's invested with an uncommon complexity and candor that has noticeably faded in his later material. Armed with clever phrasing and sly deadpan wit, Jay-Z navigates indulgent romp "Can't Knock the Hustle", thought-provoking introspection Regrets, and devastating street-corner soliloquies "Friend or Foe" with savvy composure. The beats on Reasonable Doubt, provided by the likes of DJ Premier & Ski, are as irresistibly slick as his persona. "Brooklyn's Finest," his mic-passing session with his friend Notorious B.I.G., takes on a torch-passing significance in the wake of Biggie's death. That song, and the entire album, foreshadows Jay-Z's subsequent ascension to kingpin status.

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