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Glukoza is the name of a female vocalist and her musical project. Natasha Ionova was born in the small town of Povolzhie on June 7, 1986. She and her elder sister were used to travelling a lot with their parents. Natasha had various hobbies ranging from chess to ballet. As a child, she appeared in the music video of Юрий Шатунов as a fan and she participated in some episodes of Eralash (Ералаш). Also, she had a role in the films Triumph (Триумф) and Voina Princessy (Война Принцессы). Glukoza was used to the Internet. In 2002 in Moscow, she met her recent sound producer Maxim Fadeev. Her song called Шуга later found itself on the radio. Her next song Ненавижу was a hit promoted by the 3D animated characters in the music video. Three months later, those two tracks were included in at least ten compilations. The first album was released in May 2003. Nostra included ten tracks and two music videos for Невеста and Ненавижу. When the project was 3D interactive, only two facts were known: the songs were sang by the young girl and the girl was very cool. However, in June 2003 Natasha Ionova, as well as her band of artists saw the light. The world discovered the insolent but young and sympathetic female vocalist. Her success in the music industry brought her many awards, namely MTV's European Music Award for Best performance in 2003 and MUZ-tv's award for the Breakthrough of the year in 2004. Glukoza's 3D character was the personality of the year at rambler.ru. After that, Glukoza gave performances in the Far East, in Siberia, in Ural, in Kazakhstan, in the Middle East, the South Caucasus, Baltic countries, London, the United States, central parts of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Natasha is also known outside of music's borders: First, she was representing Motivy Wear and My Scene dolls. Second, she was the new face of Avalon Color Trend while her 3D character symbol was used by Recondor Ice Cream. Third, she released three new perfumes: Glukoza G (Gloss), Glukoza L (Life) and Glukoza Z (Zoom). She was also on the cover of Elle Girl, Seventeen Magazine, Hello Magazine and Shape Magazine. 2005's album Москва included the hits Швайне, Юра, Москва, К чёрту and sold itself at one million of copies, including illegal versions. Natasha Ionova married Alexandr Chistyakov, Russian Federation's Energy Systems high-profile businessman. This marriage inspired her sound producer, and he wrote a hit single Свадьба. In August 2006, Natasha stopped her performance in Stars on ice confirming that she was having a baby. She also presented her single Сашок about her husband. In January 2007, she took her maternity leave. Later, she flew to Marlbella, Spain and gave birth to a girl named Lida. An official website of Glukoza and Glukoza's fanclub website are http://www.glukoza.ru and http://www.glukozanostra.com. As a group on the scene, Glukoza is: Natasha (Russian: : Наташа Ионова) Artyom, solo guitar (Russian: Артем Семенкович) Denis, Hawaiian guitars (Russian: Денис Вискунов) Kirill, drums (Russian: Кирилл Савичев) Anton, bass guitar (Russian: Антон Лымарев) Kotyonok, keyboard (Russian: Владимир Горовенко)

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