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Rebekka Bakken

Morning Hours


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She grew up in a tiny Norwegian village not far from Oslo. Since Rebekka Bakken did not really consider it to be the navel of the world, she quickly set out into the wide world: first to New York, in 1994. Eight years later she finally returned to Europe, where among the metropolitan cities she discovered Vienna and chose to make it her home. "Vienna is a very beautiful city, very pleasant with a lot of peace and quiet, even though it is a big city at the same time", says the singer. Rebekka Bakken enjoys the peace and quiet, if for no other reason than that it allows her to collect her spirits and recharge her batteries. Ever since the 2003 release of her first solo album "The Art of How to Fall", the charismatic and sensual singer-songwriter has been the talk of the town. Her songs are ennobled by her three-octave vocal range, which lets her shift back and forth playfully, in a relaxed and harmonious manner, between pop, folk, jazz and R&B - and all that with the success that has brought her more than sold-out concerts everywhere.
Releases from Rebekka Bakken Radio Live: