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Ocean Colour Scene

On The Leyline


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Ocean Colour Scene release their brand new studio album "On The Leyline" Brimming over with needle-sharp rockers (the XTC-esque title track) and joyous Everly Brothers inspired romps ('Two Lovers'), 'On The Leyline' sees OCS breaking free of their comfort zone at every turn. If first single 'I Told You So' is a jangle-pop classic in the spirit of 'You Got It Bad', 'On The Leyline' boasts an experimental side too. The caustic 'Mr Brown' ("You promised us the earth/So you could let us down") set to a jaunty calypso, whilst the sublime 'These Days' sees Steve supply lead vocals on a psychedelic excursion reminiscent of Buffalo Springfirled's 'Everydays'. Wellerologists, meanwhile, will be ecstatic at the inclusion of 'For Dancers Only', a song the Modfather recorded in 2006 and as yet unreleased.
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